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The result is as follows and it is a case where we execute market sell orders at a time. It is a typical movement in bitcoin market. By continuing to use this site we ll assume you are happy to receive them. Honestly speaking about Zaif, I am not sure what part is supported by traders. Now that it is thought that abundant Chinese money is flowing into JP BTC market, it may be possible to act to temporarily confuse the market with such maneuvering. Is not BtcBox / Kraken severe enough to win exchange competition. Quoine s price was often cheap on a permanent basis, and there was a part that was stirring up traders anxiety. Quoine = coincheck = zaif > bitFlyer >>> BtcBox >>> Kraken Since bitFlyer seems to have problems to be solved in the FX part, FX is excluded from consideration here.

Usability of the trade screen is good, but my impression that hands have not reached the itchy place. BitFlyer >>> Quoine > coincheck = zaif >>> BTCBOX >>> Kraken However, it has changed significantly just in one month, and at this time it looks like this. Actually, others reaction may boost it, so the necessary amount of funds may be less. For your reference, I tried calculating based on the board information (bitFlyer spot) as to how much amount of funds is required to give such a crash impact to its market price. It is unsure whether effective arbitrage transaction can be done considering deposit from fiat, overseas remmittance fee, and the required number of days for overseas remittance. Recently it has calmed down, anxiety is being dispelled (should be). Does the day when we can use bitcoin as stable settlement currency come.   deshita Donate: [ 18iVFy6oVw197jFmxxxujA3xMwTp68b2Ea ] | Current version : Pre Alpha :) |  Credits Cookies are used to save your preferences.

If we spend 150 million yen it can fall by 10%, if it is 400 million yen it can be dropped by 30%. (I think there is a possiblity of exit from JP market) Also, looking overseas, after the collapse of the CNY zone, it seems that the following price composition is continuing. Coincheck has increased its presence as I expected.Bitcoin Gold.
. Steady improvements are accumulated and they are in attacking mode realtime bitcoin trading. My forecast was that in February and March it seemed that the following volume-share composition would continue. This is the topic I want to continue verifying more. My impression is that it is less than I expected. .


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